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I’m a UK-based writer and poet. My main calling cards are this Irish Times profile, relating to my project Realtime Notes (three and half years of daily topical poems) and this New York Times interview, relating to my downbeat journal Perpetual Disappointments Diary.

This Substack began with a post about the idea of ‘purpose’ in design, advertising and business—and that has remained a recurring theme. As the post says, the idealism of every age is the cover story for its greatest heist.

These writings led to my book The Road to Hell, released May 2024.

Please check out some of my more popular posts, including:

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I also write about songs, writing and songwriting over at

Join me in the yellowed plexiglass smoking room of Twitter: @asburyandasbury

Or deep in the algorithmic mineshaft of Instagram: @nickasbury

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Thanks again for reading – writers would be nowhere without it.

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Writer/poet. UK. Realtime Notes, Text Radio, Perpetual Disappointments Diary.