On advertising, persuasion and the lost skill of cognitive empathy
On the business response to the war in Ukraine, the blank map of purpose, the ethics of sanctions, and the limits of conscious consumerism.
On Innocent, Walkers, the IPA, social media, the New York Times, cancel culture, and conversation as an alternative to war.
On Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos, Noble Cause Corruption, why 'starting with why' is a charter for corporate self-delusion, and the importance of saying…
On toxic positivity, the negative path to happiness, context-dependent optimism, and the lifecycle of a creative project.
On the latest twist in the Purpose story – and why everyone ignored the most interesting thing about it.
On a word that has radically changed life in our household: ‘unschooling’.
In which I identify five vulnerabilities that keep causing conversations to crash.
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